Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flying north for the winter

I will be leaving for Vermont tomorrow. For five days I will get to experience the icy north. I have only been in snow twice in my life and never had the chance to do anything cool in it. It is going to be a pleasant change from the weather here in Florida. It cooled down a little today but we have had highs in the 80's lately. I'm sure those of you from the north can really feel my pain. When I return I will start writing about more engineering topics. Also, if there are any other engineering students out there that have any questions about what a class will be like or questions about specific topics in a class I will do my best to answer.

Material I am familiar with: Any math up to Diff Eq, Statics, Dynamics, General Physics, General EE, Materials, Solid Mechanics, Flight Structures, Machine Design, Aerodynamics, and math programs like Mathcad, Matlab.

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