Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My First Post

WOW, this is pretty cool. I am new at this, so take it easy on me. Ok, so, um. I am an aerospace engineering student, a junior to be precise. I will not be taking classes this spring because I got a co-op job with the United Space Alliance at the Kennedy Space Center (The coolest place on earth). I will be working in the fixed crane department. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. An aerospace engineering student working on cranes? Yes, it is more of a mechanical position, but you take what you can get. The opportunity to work at KSC is overwhelmingly awesome and if I get a job there after I graduate I should be able to transfer to a vehicle program, hopefully. Not that working on the cranes there is not cool. If you do not know about the cranes at KSC, you should check them out. I'll leave you with a link to video footage of the shuttle Atlantis being lifted and mated to the SRBs and main fuel tank. Soon, very soon, I will be there to see this first hand. Awesome.

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